Twenty8 Signature Diffuser

Twenty8 Signature Diffuser


The Twenty8 Signature Diffuser has an elegant bamboo veneer finish and refined minimalist appearance giving it a modern style and look to suit any room.

It operates in a powerful yet subtle way with just 10 drops of pure essential oils needed and water added to the large 600ml unit giving it well over 12 hours of continuous mist. 

Diffusing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to create an aroma that calms the mind and enhances the mood. The ultrasonic technology utilises high frequency vibrations to atomize the liquid, meaning there is no need for heat source. Each micro sized droplet is coated with a fine layer of the essential oils. This cool mist becomes a vapour which spreads evenly throughout the room, and is easily inhaled and absorbed at very safe levels.

The Twenty8 Signature Diffuser is also very popular as a ultrasonic vaporiser in bedrooms ideally in combination with our ‘Instant Calm’ or ‘Peace & Meditation’ synergy blends. With the added advantage of no heat there is no bacteria forming condensation.

The beautiful Twenty8 Signature Diffuser offers 5 in 1 multi functions.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser/Vaporiser – no heat is used, so oils are kept in their purest most whole form.

2. Humidifier – emits a fine mist of moisture into the air, with no dampness or condensation.

3. Ioniser – through the ultrasonic technology, more negative ions are dispersed into the air which is ideal for improved health and better sleep.

4. Air Purifier- the unit will release a large number of anions which produce electrostatic reaction with dust and impurities which in fact cleanses and purifies the air.

5. Mood Light – which creates a wonderful setting and ambience and perfect night light.

Technical Information  

Container capacity is 600ml

Operates at a high 2.4 million Htz per second, covering a larger room area

Operates approx. 12hrs. continuous mist

Operates approx. 18 hrs. intermittent mist mode

Patent Auto shut down when water level is finished

Unit remains cool to touch at all times, no heat source is used

Low noise level of less than 35dB (A)

Coverage of 30m2
Dimensions: Approx. 19cm x 19cm x 20cm, will make a stunning addition to the home, bedroom, spa, office

All products carry a 12 month Australian warranty and meets electrical standards

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