Love Me synergy blend

Love Me synergy blend


Summer is the season for rewards, celebration and fulfilment. It brings a resounding sense of happiness and a chance to lift ones spirits and approach life with a new sense of vim and vigour.

We each have different energy in the various seasons. And each season is gives us lessons about ourselves and others. We learn to grow emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. Summer is in fact the perfect time to strengthen our soul, enliven our spirit and challenge our emotional resilience when faced with adversity and or opportunity. Actually summer is the perfect time for our beautiful seasonal LOVE ME blend which includes the exquisite oils of orange, peppermint, lime, jasmine and coconut CO2 extract.

Orange is the oil to uplift our spirits and enhance communication with self and others. Peppermint is stimulating, warming and activating and is the perfect oil to help prevent exhaustion and overwhelm. Lime is your ‘beam me up Scottie oil’ as it enhances enthusiasm, positivity and brings a sense of delight into your life. Jasmine is a very sensual oil that exudes a sense of love and joy. And coconut oil is the epitome of summer delight and happiness.

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