Clove Bud pure essential oil

Clove Bud pure essential oil


Eugenia caryophyllata

Clove Bud Oil is considered to be warming and tonifying. It is highly antiseptic and antimicrobial. Throughout history pomanders were made with cloves to keep epidemics and the plague at bay. It has long been used as a local analgesic for toothache by dipping the end of a cotton bud into the oil and applying to the surface of the aching tooth and surrounding tissue. It may be used in a vaporiser to help in the prevention of colds and flu bugs spreading. Clove bud oil is used to help with rheumatic pain and can help reduce pain and swelling when muscle aches, pains and sprains are present. Used with peppermint oil it is an excellent mental tonic to reduce fatigue and drowsiness. Not traditionally used in skincare as it has potential skin irritant properties it is a wonderful addition to an insect repellent. Used as a cleaner it has been known to help prevent mould and the spread of potentially harmful spores. It is best to clean the walls first then make up a spray of 500mls water and 100drops of clove bud oil. Shake and spray

Caution – potential skin sensitiser and irritant so use in small dilution for topical application.

May assist with colds, flu, lack of appetite, digestive problems, mental fatigue, exhaustion, muscle aches and toothache.

100% certified organic

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