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Restore Balance, Find Clarity, Discover Freedom.

About Melinda Fitzsimmons Kinesiology

Melinda Fitzsimmons

As a professional Kinesiologist, Melinda can assist you to reduce stress and anxiety, to feel calm and relaxed, to align you into your purpose and facilitate the body’s natural healing process. These skills allow you to experience clarity, freedom, balance and joy.

Melinda exercises Kinesiology within her private practice by appointment only to ensure the best conditions surround your body. Combining Kinesiology and other tools so you are empowered and totally supported along the path of optimal health and wellbeing.

Working on the principle that every person is unique, that no two clients are the same – even if they present with the same issue ensures the highest integrity of practice and optimal outcome. Melinda assesses her clients in a holistic way and creates individual health pathways specific to the individual to bring about positive outcomes and balance to any issues that are presented.

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About Kinesiology


A Kinesiology session is a gentle, non-invasive and effective tool to investigate the core issues of your health symptoms or imbalance, the reasons for them occurring and the best way to bring about relief, release or re-connection that you can feel alive and on your way to optimal well-being.

Kinesiology is a modality that uses muscle testing/monitoring to gather information about your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic health. Kinesiology may assist to reduce stress and anxiety to feel calm and relaxed, to restore health and vitality and more.

Kinesiology restores balance and positive outcomes to the issues the client is presenting with.

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